The most popular Hot Mess Mom Comic strip so far…


Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.33.49 AM

One thing that never ceases to amaze me about doing this comic is that SOME strip is always SOMEBODY’S favorite. You can tell that just by reading the comments here and on FaceBook. At the Million MILF March a few weeks ago, I had a great time asking people what THEIR favorite strip was. Everyone had an answer for me!  “Any strip the kids are in.”, “Strips with the dogs.”, “The let me Pee in Privacy one.”…. I heard them all. But do you want to know what THE most popular strip so far was? According to the webcomic stats, it was THIS one above. Yep, the webcomic got the most views on this day, back in July.

So…. what was YOUR favorite comic so far? I’d love to hear in the comments below and on our FB page.

Stay tuned here tomorrow for the your Wednesday Hot Mess Mom Comic!


Behind the Scenes… A new colorist!


The next generation. That’s my sixteen year old daughter there, Brady Ann Parham, working away on the Hot Mess Mom Comic strip. She’s a talented artist in her own right, who designs all of the play illustrations and cast Tshirts for her High School drama department.  I’ve been letting her help color the strips for awhile, but from now on she will be handling most of the coloring on the strip all by herself.  Beautiful AND talented. Tune in here tomorrow see how she did!


Never miss a Comic!


In my never ending quest to make sure YOU, the fans, NEVER miss a Hot Mess Mom Comic strip, we publish the strip on the original Hot Mess Mom FaceBook page, on the Hot Mess Mom COMIC Facebook page, and now I finally figured out how to “Tweet” them on Twitter ( follow us on Hot Mess Mom Comic there, if that’s your thing ).

But you know the ONE place that is the absolute BEST to get them? Right in your own Email inbox! Yep, just go to the webcomic home page ( http://www.HotMessMomComic.com ), and you will see something that looks exactly like THIS:

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Click the link to “Follow”, put in your email address, and then no matter what FaceBook or Twitter  posting problems arise, or if you just don’t want to do anything on Social media that day except check email , you will be sure to get the strip delivered right to you!

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