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Easter Egg: Watson ( and Jim Horwitz )

Fans of Hot Mess Mom the Comic for any length of time know that I LOVE to throw little jokes  and references into the strips. Some of them, like in this Sunday’s strip, are just funny products like “Bacon Flavored Popsicles” ( Yuck! ), and “Poopy” toilet tissue. ( Can’t believe no one pointed that one out ).


But others are what I call “Easter Eggs”, whether it’s a call out to a band or TV Show on the cast’s Tshirts ( I do a lot of those ), or a plug for one of my favorite cartoons or comics.  In this Sundays’ episode,  I included  a caricature of one of my pals from the National Cartoonists Society, Jim Horwitz, as the Cashier. HMM’s son is also wearing a Tshirt with Jim’s webcomic character, Watson. 52-10-05-14-Hot Mess Mom Comic_GroceriesHere’s the “Real Jim”, in all of his photogenic goodness:


Jim has been writing his quirky, poignant strip about the kindhearted dog, Watson, and the kids he is friends with, for a couple of years now. It comes out Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You really should check it out over at www.facebook.com/WatsonStrip , or on the “Watson” page on FaceBook.



I’ve drawn caricatures for two decades now, and I knew starting up this strip, that I would be drawing some caricatures of friends and colleagues into “Hot Mess Mom”. I’ve drawn quite a few friends into the strips so far, even if I haven’t always remembered to point them out to you the readers. Mostly ones who have been the biggest fans and most supportive of the strip. Someday I’ll have to do a major post, pointing them all out so far.

I’ve been waiting to draw Jim for awhile now, because he’s actually way more important to the history of the Hot Mess Mom comic strip than most people know. A few years back, at one of the National Cartoonists Society Ruebens weekends, Jim asked me why I had never done a comic strip. He was a fan of my caricatures and my cartoon illustration in other arenas, and knew of my love for comic strips. He encouraged me to try my hand at i, as he had already been doing “Watson” for awhile. I told him I’d actually been throwing around an idea for one , and would let him know when and if I did anything with it. Fast forward a few years, when my wife talked to me about doing a strip in conjunction with Hot Mess Mom, and the rest is history.

Throughout it all, Jim has been one of the most supportive fans of the Hot Mess Mom Comic. To some extent, I probably wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t for him. So…. go check out “Watson” already, and tell him I sent you! (  www.facebook.com/WatsonStrip )

And check back here tomorrow for the Hot Mess Mom Wednesday Comic!