Comic Con!

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 2.44.01 PMHopefully you all read and liked the “Spider Kid” episode of Hot Mess Mom Comic this week. I’ve been saving that one for awhile, since this week is COMIC CON! Yep, let the Geekery begin! Ever heard of San Diego Comicon? You probably have, even if you don’t realize it, because it’s all over TV and pop culture magazines this week every year.  It’s not just a comic book thing… It’s truly a Pop culture convention. True, there ARE comic books there, but this thing has everybody who’s anybody in comics, video gaming, You Tube, TV, and Movies.

For the fourth or fifth year in a row, Number one Daughter and I ( she’s 15 ), will be attending together. ( She’s a huge pop culture and comic book geek like me and even colored an upcoming Hot Mess Mom Comic, btw). We will be hanging out with all of my industry friends, attending panels, doing a little bit of shopping, and hopefully figuring out how to make this HMM comic profitable! I’m even gonna try, while I’m there, to sketch one lucky HMM Comic follower to share with you next week.

IF YOU just happen to be attending Comic Con yourself, and want to catch up with part of “Team Hot Mess Mom Comic”, well, we won’t have a booth this year. But we will be stopping by the National Cartoonists Society booth frequently, visiting with our pals there.

And remember…Stay Tuned Tomorrow for the Hot Mess Mom Wednesday Comic !


HOT MESS MOM COMIC Behind The Scenes: Remote Sketching

My family and I travel a lot in the Summers. A lot. Mostly little trips to the beaches here in Florida ( I LOVE the beach. Any beach.). So with all the traveling, how do I get Hot Mess Mom done for you all? An iPad, a portable Cintiq, and a good old fashioned sketchbook. I draw on the beach, in breakfast “dives” ( some of my favorite places to eat ), and even in the car if my wife drives. Even here at home I draw whenever, wherever I can. At lunch, at dinner, in restaurants, in car line at school , etc, etc. Here’s a shot from today’s lunch to prove the point :


By the way, that’s a SNEAK PEEK of a brand new recurring supporting character you will see in the HMM strip. Son number three might just be getting his first “crush”….


Behind The Scenes: The Toughest Strip I’ve Done






20-6-11-14-Hot Mess Mom Comic_Father'sDay

What was the hardest Hot Mess Mom Comic strip I’ve written and drawn so far? This one. The Father’s Day episode. I was SOOOO happy so many HMM Comic readers loved it and responded positively. Because this strip, as simple as it may seem, became a real thorn in my flesh, so to speak.

Keep in mind that, so far, Hot Mess Mom the Comic has generated NO income for all of the hours my wife and I have put into it. Once we get enough strips done, and can put out a compilation book or something, hopefully many of you will buy it and that will change. But until then, although it’s been fun, to produce it has been a huge drain on my time. And time equals money in my business as a freelance cartoonist. So any strip that takes more time than it should becomes a REAL PAIN. So in today’s “Behind the Scenes”, I thought I’d share my trials and tribulations on this strip and what COULD have been.


Here’s the strip that almost was:



Just a slight tweak to the verbiage.


But I almost did it THIS way, with Hot Mess Mom in the first panel, and with “Hubs” in more than a little bit of pain:






Yep, as originally written, this episode was a bit more “violent”.  Hubby took a groin hit worthy of “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.


I tried every permutation possible, tweaking the writing over and over….


But I just couldn’t seem to make the strip work without it looking like HMM was gloating that Hubby got hit. This version is the perfect example of the problem:



See? When I got it finished, I just thought this seemed cruel on her part somehow. Even though she’s obviously not there on the course to see what’s going on.

Most strips I write and draw in a day or so. This one ate up an entire week. AGGGH.  I miss some of the things in these versions…. particularly Hubby’s “OOMOPH!” face, but all in all I feel the strip I ultimately decided on and published was the best one. Whew. This made me tired again just looking at these.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our next comic! ( One that took me far less time than this thing! )