Grays and Easter Eggs….

81-3-18-15-Hot Mess Mom Comic_SundayFundayGRAY


This week’s strip in black and white… okay, grays this time. I deleted the BW file, but I made the colored file into grayscale.  Did you all catch any Easter eggs this week? Here’s a hint…. how many comic book characters are represented in this strip?
Also, there’s something else about this strip that makes it kind of legendary in the history of our comic…. it’s the first truly DAD-centric strip. Where HE gets the lines. I’ve been tweaking his design here and there, and now I’m trying to write more for him. HMM will remain the star, since it is named after her, but there ARE other people in the household, so I think we need to see more of them as well. Plus, I’m a guy. I have TONS of things I can write about from that viewpoint. Write what you know and all that. Ya know?  -Keelan