BEHIND THE SCENES: Hot Mess Mom Comic TV Inspiration part Two



The TV show that inspires me the most when I’m stuck in writing new Hot Mess Mom comic strips? Nope, it’s not Roseanne. Although I can’t say there isn’t some Roseanne DNA in this comic.  It’s actually ( drumroll please )….



In particular, the mom character, Frankie Heck, played by the wonderful Patricia Heaton:



Like I said, I never steal ideas from the show, but the character of Frankie reminds me of a flesh and blood TV version of HMM ever so slightly,



I’ll see you here again Sunday for  another Hot Mess Mom Comic!


BEHIND THE SCENES: Hot Mess Mom Comic TV Inspiration


Most of the time, the Hot Mess Mom comic is easy to write. My wife and I write about things that have happened in our lives, and then put them through the “filter” of the Hot Mess Mom character. Not that she’s particularly filtered, though….LOL. Or I go through years of the “real” Hot Mess Mom’s blog writings, or all of the screen captures I have of her FaceBook page writings. BUT sometimes, when I’m stuck for an idea, I go watch TV.

Oh I don’t get any ideas DIRECTLY from what I watch, but there are a couple of shows that inspire me to write. Can YOU guess what the number one show, past or present, is that inspires me for writing Hot Mess Mom the Comic? I’ll give you a hint… it’s a sitcom. Leave your comments below or let me know on Facebook! In a few days, I’ll let you know what it is!

Stay Tuned tomorrow for the another Hot Mess Mom Comic!


Hot Mess Mom Comic Replay!



You don’t mind if I commentate a bit on these “Replays”, do you? Good. I have to tell you,  I have experienced this exact same thing with my daughters. Soooo many times.  As I revisit this strip, I really like the changing camera angles on this one, also. It’s an art thing you probably didn’t notice. In a day and age when newspaper comic strips are so tiny and have no room to do this kind of thing, I think it’s cool to do it when I can.


Hot Mess Mom Comic – A great Christmas gift!

IMG_5892I just had to share this photo of the precious daughter of a Hot Mess Mom Comic superfan. She got ahold of her Mom’s copy of the compilation book we have for sale now, and reads it every morning! I learned to read through reading comic books myself, so I thought this was pretty cool. ( Although, I did tell Miss Superfan “Good luck” on explaining some of the… um… material in the strip. LOL ).
If YOU haven’t bought your copy of the book, there’s still time and copies left!  What a great Christmas gift for the Hot Mess Mom Superfan in your life! There’s even an autographed version available! Visit the Hot Mess Mom Comic Facebook page and click on the STORE  button on the left of the page.And for you webcomic only readers, here’s a link for the book:

Hot Mess Mom Comic: Sneak Peek!

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 3.22.49 PM


Here’s a sneak peek of the new Hot Mess Mom strip you will see this Sunday!  Really just a tease. But I wanted to make sure I shared with you that I’m working on it right now. Make sure you toon in Sunday to see how I did! ;D