Hot Mess Mom Comic : Easter Egg TShirts!

So… who caught what was on the characters’ T- shirts in Sunday’s strip?


An 80s reference! Hot Mess Mom’s shirt graphic is from The “Take on Me” video by Norwegian group A-ha. This video was so cool and groundbreaking back in the day. It was basically an animated comic book. I loved it. And so did my wife… A-ha was the first concert she ever went to. Side note: did you know A-ha didn’t do their last concert until 2010?! We just never heard from them much here in the U.S. after their first couple of hits.

For the second T-shirt Easter Egg, son “Number One” is wearing:


The iconic blood splattered smiley face from “The Watchmen” graphic novel. “The Watchmen” is almost always at the top of the list of Best Graphic Novels of all time, and even sometimes shows up on lists of Best NOVELS of all time, Graphic or not. Zack Snyder, he of 300 and Man of Steel, the Recent Superman reboot, even made a flawed but ambitious film version of it several years ago. I love the Graphic Novel and the film both. Check them out, if you want to see what a Graphic Novel CAN be.

See you again tomorrow for Hot Mess Mom Sunday!


Hot Mess Mom Wednesday!

Hot Mess Mom Wednesday POST!
I’m happy to present a bit different kind of post for all of you Hot Mess Mom Comic Fans. Here’s the winner of the contest we ran a couple of weeks ago when we reached 20K fans. Congratulations, Renee Schoeninger! You’ve been ‘TOONED!

37-8-13-14-Hot Mess Mom Comic__HMMandFAN1

And here’s Renee’s photo, just so you can see what I drew from:

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 5.49.12 PM


( When we reach 25K followers here, I’ll draw another fan who has “Liked” this page… so pass the word along! )-KP



Hot Mess Mom Comic Cameos: The Caricature Artist look familiar

In last Wednesday’s strip I included a tiny silhouette of a caricature artist Hot Mess Mom hired for Son #3’s Birthday party. At the time, my inside joke was that he was drawing Hubby, while HMM did all of the work…

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.27.04 PM


This week in the Sunday strip I continued with the theme, having Hot Mess Mom going to get drawn by the artist, herself:

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 2.37.13 PM


And this, folks, is MY first appearance in the Hot Mess Mom strip. I am now officially a cartoon character in the Hot Mess Mom Comic universe. Like I’ve said, I’ve drawn caricatures for parties and events for Twenty plus years, so adding myself into this strip in this role was a natural, and fun!  ( In the future, I will be adding more opportunities for HMM Comic fans to win a HMM style drawing of themselves, and even to purchase one if so desired!  ). And yes, my hair really does that and my forehead IS that big.  ;D

Don’t forget to read tomorrow’s  Hot Mess Mom Wednesday Comic!


Hot Mess Mom Comic- Behind the Scenes ( WebComic Exclusive )

Ever so often, I am going to start posting these “Webcomic Exclusives” over here, for ONLY those Hot Mess Mom Comic Readers who have “Followed” this page, and/or signed up for the strip via Email ( you can do that in the links over at the side of this page, btw ).

Here’s a question for you from Wednesday’s strip this week. Hot Mess Mom is running around, wrangling the kids at #3’s Birthday Bash. But where’s “Hubby”?

33-7-30-14-Hot Mess Mom Comic__KidsBirthday

A few of our eagle eyed viewers noticed a caricature artist in the background of this strip. And yep, “Hubby” is back there getting drawn while HMM works her butt off:Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.27.04 PM

Some of you may know, but for over two decades  I myself have been drawing caricatures at theme parks, hotels, parties, conventions, etc., etc. It’s a “Day Job” that I love. And this series of strips seemed like a good opportunity to give a nod to that.  ( www.CaricatureConnection.com, if you’re interested! )